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Resin Accesories
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BerryBoat is a home based and handmade jewellery business established in January 2020. Berry Boat is based in Sabah, Malaysia but more commonly known to be Borneo. 


Our brand aims to be exclusive when it comes to pieces we create, which is why every piece is limited or uniquely one design unless stated. We understand the happiness of owning something unique and completely yours makes the jewellery pieces much more special. We aim to make your jewellery dreams come true, whether it be by our design or yours, it's truly amazing to see what ideas everyone can come up with, so we are constantly learning every day. 


We sincerely hope our pieces bring you all the joy, even on bad days and encourages you to be bold and beautiful every day of your life.

Jewellery that

always fits!

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Melanie Pearl Berry is the founder and designer of Berry Boat Atelier.


When she first started doing resin earrings, it was initially just out of purely wanting to start a new hobby and to showcase for her final year project. As she improved in creating resin pieces, especially during Covid-19 season, she began to try this out as a side hustle while being in college. Here we are now, with a small online business whilst also doing our best to spread the joy of art through our crafts and creations. Currently BerryBoat Atelier is one woman show where she sorts, design, create, photograph, and design everything out by herself. We hope to grow our team soon in the future if we ever reach such level. All our pieces are our own design, with inspirations here and there to make something completely different. 


The pieces from BerryBoat should encourage you to explore more into your creativity and flexibility in styling your jewellery, with of course great taste. 

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