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Care Guidelines


How to take care of your resin pieces?

Things to avoid near your resin accessories or pieces:


  • Extreme Heat - Cured resin is a type of plastic, which means its melting point is lower than the melting point of metal. Avoid nearing your pieces to any open flames or exposure to the Sun as UV rays will make your clear piece yellow.

  • Sharp Objects - Anything with a sharp edge can scratch the surface of resin. This could be possibly fixed with a simply extra coat applied to the top, but it’s easier to just avoid sharp objects in the first place.

  • Submerging in any liquid - Wearing any jewellery in the shower, pool, etc, will cause tarnishing to happen more quickly than usual. Basically, don't submerge in liquids, even if it is just water or sweat.

  • Harsh Chemicals - Chemicals such as acetone are known to eat plastic. Alcohol, while useful at cleaning the metal parts of jewellery, can potentially damage the surface of epoxy resin, too. Perfume, which is often alcohol-based, is also a substance to avoid.

  • Oils - Oils can ruin the surface of resin. It's not very noticeable and is fixable with an additional coat of resin, but when it comes to making your resin jewellery last as long as possible it's better not to leave oil on your jewellery.



If you need to clean the resin or give it a light polish, a damp microfibre or chamois cloth can clean the setting without damaging it. You can also clean it with water and mild soap such as dish soap. A little goes a very long way with soap, so please do limit its use and make sure that the piece is thoroughly rinsed before wearing it again.

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