6 Flowers Phone Case Customization

6 Flowers Phone Case Customization

Before purchasing, be sure to message me on Instagram / WhatsApp / iMessage so I will be able to show you flower availability and discuss what arrangement or design you want for your custom phone case.


Simple run down of how to purchase:


1. Just DM me!


2. State your phone case model & I will check for availability


3. We will discuss the design & I’ll give a quote on price and shipping.



4. Waiting time 1-3 weeks depending on availability

of phone case and delivery time, but I promise it’s a purchase worth the wait!


If you do not see your phone model, choose “Other” option upon check out.


Any other additional charges you will be required to add on the “Additional Customization option which are RM3/RM5/RM10 that is available on the phone case section of the website


  • We accept returns or refunds but not for custom orders. 


  • For products that arrive in perfect condition, we do not accept returns or refunds due to change of minds or what not.


  • For inquiry for items that go through any problem during the delivery, please email us at berryboatart@gmail.com or contact us via WhatsApp.


  • We only accept returns or refunds within the 48 hours of you receiving your product. Any request exceeding the time after you receive your item will not be entertained


  • We are not responsible for any lost, missing, or stolen packages once the merchandise is given to the shipping vendor. 


  • In the case your package is missing, lost, or stolen you must contact the shipping vendor and file a claim. We do not do this on your behalf and we do not reimburse for missing, lost, or stolen packages.